Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Hayley and I love playing the accordion. I'm far from a pro at it but I can hammer out a good bunch of songs and like to teach people things. The accordion is a challenging and beautiful sounding instrument. With practice and a bit of patience (and my website) you will be well on your way to becoming a good accordionist. I have put together a collection of videos on how to play some easy and lovely accordion songs. Take care and happy playing!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

-Time To Say Goodbye


  1. thanks so much hayley. this is really nice of you. you've got me motivated to actually play this instrument as it should instead of like a piano. I've jotted down all three songs. I was actually looking for the Jesus Sunbeam. Kris in Nirvana played it on MTV unplugged. thank you

  2. You are very welcome! Im glad you found my videos of value. The Nirvana unplugged is how i discovered that song.

    Cheers and happy playing!

  3. what a coincidence with the nirvana unplugged! thanks again for the accordion tunes. keep up the good work as I think you are the only one out there helping us play more contemporary tunes. G

  4. I have to let you know how ttragic it is that you are not updating this. Your lessons are so perfectly clear and concise that you alone could stop a beginning accordion player from just giving up. I am more on the intermediate level, and checked these out just for a base to build on. But seriously, I will pay you to keep this going. Email me: Jwcole1182@gmail.com

  5. has a complete beginner, I find your lessons fantastic, please please, post more.
    Thank You.