Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Hayley and I love playing the accordion. I'm far from a pro at it but I can hammer out a good bunch of songs and like to teach people things. The accordion is a challenging and beautiful sounding instrument. With practice and a bit of patience (and my website) you will be well on your way to becoming a good accordionist. I have put together a collection of videos on how to play some easy and lovely accordion songs. Take care and happy playing!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

-Dirty Old Town


  1. Many thanks for the video very helpful, could you do the same the Kitty by the Pogues that you posted on youtube a while back?

    Alan of Ardersier.

  2. Could you write out the bass part, I'm not getting it. Please...

  3. I think the bass part is

    C Cmajor G x4
    F Fmajor C x2
    C Cmajor G x6
    G Gmajor D x2
    A Aminor E x1

  4. oups...

    C Cmajor G Cmajor x4
    F Fmajor C Fmajor x2
    C Cmajor G Cmajor x6
    G Gmajor D Gmajor x2
    A Aminor E Aminor x1

  5. These videos are fantastic!!

  6. YOU ARE BRILLIANT YOU ARE BRILLIANT!! MORE POGUES MORE POGUES!! I would like to see a Kitty one as well. You make this very easy thanks for your vids!